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Cyber Protection Questionnaire

By Stephen Paulin

In today’s business environment there is a belief that cybersecurity is an IT issue, but that is narrow-sighted. Cybersecurity is really a business risk with mission critical ramifications. And as we know, risk is a domain of the C-suite. Diligent executives are now asking more and tougher questions about cybersecurity.

Understanding your Cyber Maturity Score will allow you to recognize and prioritize the areas where your organization will need to improve its cyber hygiene in order to better protect against the scourge of cybercrime. There is no destination here. It is an ongoing journey.

These 10 questions will help to qualify how vulnerable your organization is to cybercrime.

I have 20 years of experience honing my skills as a cyber risk specialist. Please send me your responses, and  I will be happy to share my thoughts about a specific holistic cyber protection approach to your needs.

Cyber Protection Questionnaire