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11 Jul

What is Cyber Resilience and Why is it Important to a Company’s Survival

By Stephen Paulin

Cyber insurance underwriters are focusing more and more on an organization’s resilience. The most common definition is the ability of an enterprise to limit the impact of security incidents. This is a broader approach that encompasses cyber security and business continuity management, which aims to not only defend against cyber-attacks, but also ensure that the […]

02 Jul

Key Cyber Security Trends to Watch in 2019

By Stephen Paulin

For the past 12 years I have observed cyber risk evolve from a malicious, disruptive tool used by hackers to interfere with a company’s ability to transact business, stealing personal identifiers, and credit card information that would be sold on the Dark Web to the type of insidious and existential risks like viruses, ransomware and […]

02 Oct

Managing Risk to Avoid a Near Miss: You Can’t Always Count on Luck

By Stephen Paulin

The “near miss” experience is a well-known issue in the risk management world because as you might expect, eventually it can result in an injury or accident. I learned at an early age the lessons that can be taught when I was almost ran over by a car when I darted out on a bike […]

11 Jun

Aren’t All Insurance Policies the Same?

By Lawrence Brown

Of course, the answer is “absolutely not.”  When talking about commercial insurance policies, the truth is that some insurance policies are far different from others…but not in a good way! To illustrate, I’d like to relate a recent experience I had when placing coverage for a construction client. They are a distinguished general contractor/ homebuilder […]

13 Dec

Orion Risk Management Named a Top Workplace for Second Consecutive Year

By Katie Ruben

Orion Risk Management, a Newport Beach-based insurance broker, has been recognized as a Top Workplace by the Orange County Register for its second year in a row. This honor recognizes the top 140 companies in Orange County, California that have created a positive environment for employees. Orion is proud to have been in the top […]

17 Nov

How Prepared Are Your Employees to Protect Your Company From Ransomware?

By Stephen Paulin

Last month, an unprecedented array of malware and ransomware attacks took place on global networks, and this time it wasn’t just giant corporations that were hit. First “Wanna Cry,” then “Petya” followed closely by “Not Petya.” These attacks are different than typical hacks of the past because these infections rely heavily on social engineering. This […]

15 Aug

Orion Risk Management Welcomes The Friedmann & Friedmann Insurance Services Team

By Katie Ruben

Orion Risk Management announced this month its association with Friedmann & Friedmann Insurance Services, another Southern California-based insurance broker, to enhance its already extensive client and employee network. Friedmann & Friedmann Insurance Services will now operate under the Orion Risk Management brand. Both companies have a wide ranging expertise across multiple insurance sectors, including workers’ […]

07 Feb

Orion Risk Management Joins the List of Top Workplaces

By Katie Ruben

Orion Risk Management, a Newport Beach-based insurance broker, announced at the end of 2016 that it was recognized as one of the Top Workplaces 2016 by The Orange County Register. This honor recognizes the top 125 companies in Orange County, California that have created a positive environment for employees. Orion was proud to have ranked […]

20 Jan

Orion Risk Management And Fisher & Associates Join Forces

By Katie Ruben

Orion Risk Management and Louis R. Fisher & Associates Insurance Services announced that the two companies have partnered to form a new entity offering brokerage and consulting services to employee benefits plan sponsors, Orion Fisher Insurance Services, LLC. Orion is a leader in risk management and employee benefits with clients across all industries, while Fisher […]