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Workers’ Compensation

Our committed, persistent approach to risk services is what sets us apart from our competition. In this current environment of rate deviation, litigation, and rising medical costs, now is the time to manage the factors that drive your workers’ compensation costs: pre-employment hiring process, hazard avoidance, employee training, return-to-work programs, and pre- and post-claims management. Orion has a proven ability to manage the details of your workers’ compensation program to yield the lowest net cost– both short and long-term.

Before a claim occurs, you need loss prevention. Our services include:

Implementation and assistance with pre-employment procedure:

  • Assistance with proper hiring decisions, including workers’ compensation background checks, prior employee verification, drug screening and more

Implementation of training and inspection schedules to mitigate the risk of loss and regulatory fines

Regular safety compliance inspections

Development of safety incentive programs to minimize the frequency of claims

After a claim occurs, you need claims management. Our services include:

Access to our full-time, in-house claims management team

On-going claims management for your current and previous lost-time injuries that impact your Experience Modification

Committed claims reviews, including a review prior to your Unit-Statistical filing that determines your Experience Modification

Facilitation of face-to-face meetings with your carriers and injured workers, as appropriate

Thorough reserve analysis on all open claims

Stewardship of aggressive action plan on all litigated and questionable claims

Assistance with mitigation of collateral


Even in today’s landscape of reform and volatility in the workers’ compensation market, Orion implements creative and strategic solutions that can reduce your overall premium costs.

As technical experts in workers’ compensation insurance programs, we’ve made it our mission to assist you in preventing losses, defining effective action plans for new claims, successfully managing claims, and managing your costs.

We also recognize that claims do happen even with the best intentions and preventative efforts, and the effective management of such claims is as important as trying to eliminate them in the first place.

Our strong relationships with the largest insurance carriers enable us to negotiate the best solution for your company and its ever-changing environment. A few of the unique services that we offer include:

Individualized Program Design

Guaranteed cost and alternative financing programs, including retrospective rating, deductible, captives, and self-funded plans

Loss Prevention

Development of safety incentive programs to minimize further claims and build safety culture

Implementation of training and inspection schedules

Onsite assessment of potential exposures to loss

Safety, Injury and Illness Prevention plan


Communication of changes to the workers’ compensation environment through legislative updates and alerts

Tailor-made webinar trainings on specific topics impacting your company