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Captive Services

Captives are special purpose entities which allow businesses to better control their total cost of risk. When diligently operated, a captive insurance company can yield many benefits for your business, including formation of policies for existing uninsured risks, retention and investment of underwriting profits, reduction of insurance expenses, and more. Our team at Orion works directly with your organization to develop a tailored solution to help you achieve these benefits. We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary approach to create, implement, and manage a captive for our clients.

Orion’s skilled professionals start by using actuarial data and benchmarking capabilities to quantify the advantages of a captive for your organization. We help businesses make informed decisions prior to investing in a captive and guide you on the best course of action to meet your specific goals.

In addition to captive formation and management, we offer the following key services:

Initial analyses

Identification of optimal domiciles

Interface with insurance regulators

It takes a trusted advisor to navigate the captive and reinsurance marketplace. Orion’s clients thrive from our technical knowledge and transactional experience, as well as our enduring relationships with outside service providers. These service providers include attorneys, CPAs, actuaries, and bankers, all well-versed in the captive arena. Our relationships, combined with our internal insurance accounting and captive tax treatment expertise, make us an ideal partner for you.

We also offer the following important services:

Preparation of board packages and organization of/attendance at annual board meetings

Introduction to potential board members

Implementation of alternate risk diversification opportunities through Lloyd’s of London

Negotiation of fronting reinsurance and collateral requirements

Reinsurance intermediary services and identification of reinsurance buyers